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Project Staff Bio

Pam Turner, RN, MBA/HCM
Project Consultant

Pam has over 20 years of extensive experience in the emergency medicine field. She has spent the majority of her professional career in emergency services. Through her leadership, Pam has developed delivery systems providing outstanding customer service, utilizing innovative approaches to emergency care. Pam’s consulting experience include multi-facility hospital system, inpatient patient flow design, emergency department operations, free standing emergency departments, hospital based outpatient departments and free-standing outpatient clinics. Pam was the Director of Emergency Services for Valley Hospital Medical Center (VHMC) in Las Vegas, NV with responsibility for overall operation and leadership of a 25 bed acute adult Emergency Department, an 8-bed Clinical Decision Unit, a 8 bed Rapid Treatment Center, a 10 bed Behavioral Health Hold Unit and a 6 bed Transition Unit. Pam has experience in working with the pre-hospital industry and with the local area hospitals to improve access to emergency care. She has accomplished this by working on initiatives to develop a new system that replaced ambulance diversion in Clark County, the implementation of a new Trauma System in Clark County and has been an appointed as a representative on the Clark County Medical Advisory Board since 1999. Pam has been appointed to work on several task forces that brought all the hospitals together to identify common processes improvements that each facility had and then a plan of action was developed to improve patient care access. Pam has been involved in a number of hospital through put and capacity building consulting projects in the past 12 months for The Abaris Group including projects in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Arizona and Tennessee.


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