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About the Project

The California ED Diversion Project was a project conducted by The Abaris Group and supported by the California HealthCare Foundation, based in Oakland, California. The project's goal was to measure and publicly report the extent of ambulance diversion by emergency medical services (EMS) area and hospital, identify best practices to minimize diversion, and help to implement best practices in less successful communities.

It was comprised of four major phases:

  1. Initial Research and Reporting
    Collect, analyze, and publish data from all 36 EMS Agencies (EMSAs) to describe the nature and extent of ambulance diversion activity in each EMS region.
  2. Identification of Best Practices and Policies
    Four regions were selected that were experiencing significant ED saturation and EMS provider diversion, four regions were selected that are not experiencing significant diversion, and four regions were selected that are experiencing some diversion but the number of hours are declining. Then, an inventory ranking the EMS and hospital practices/mitigation efforts in the nine areas was conducted. This information was used to develop relevant tools, and to identify customizable best practices and policies for use in resolving diversion problems.
  3. Implementation of Best Practices
    The next step was to select four local EMSAs and a sample number of hospitals in those region for participation in the second year's collaborative. The purpose of the collaborative was to assist the local EMSAs and hospitals with developing and sustain change processes, and implement best practices, which significantly improve hospital emergency department capacity and mitigate ambulance diversion.
  4. End of Project Reporting
    The final step was to collect, analyze, and publish data from all 36 EMSAs to describe the nature and extent of ambulance diversion activity in each, and, if feasible, establish a mechanism for continuing routine reporting.

Click here to view the project fact sheet.

ED Communities

The four regions selected for the collaborative portion of the California ED Diversion Project are:

  • Los Angeles County EMS Agency
  • Inland Counties EMS Agency
  • Santa Clara County EMS Agency
  • Ventura County EMS Agency

Advisory Group & Staff

The project formed an advisory committee of local and state EMS agencies, emergency department physicians and nurses, and various hospital council representatives. Their role was to meet periodically and provide advice and guidance to the project. Click here to view the advisory group members.

The Abaris Group contacted each EMS agency throughout the state to acquire data and information on the current ED diversion problems. Eight selected regions received a more detailed site visit with four of these regions participating in the facilitated collaborative change process.

The project is supported by a team of experts in the area of ED diversion. These include: Mike Williams, MPA/HSA, Bruce Siegel, MD, MPH, Pam Turner, RN, MBA/HCM, Maggie Borders, RN, MHA, CEN, and Bill Bullard.

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Supported by the California HealthCare Foundation, based in Oakland, California.
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