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Tool / Best Practice (Alphabetical order)
Contributing Hospital / Description

Code Purple (Categories: ED Throughput, Other ED, Inpatient Flow)
North Shore Medical Center - North Shore Community Hospital actively engages staff throughout the facility to help avoid diversion when the ED becomes over-crowded.

Countywide Diversion Policy (Categories: Other ED)
King County EMS - King County EMS eliminated diversion at each of the county's hospitals. (supporting document (PDF))

ED Demand Forecasting (Categories: Other ED)
Miami Valley Hospital - A common misconception is that ED visits are random and unpredictable, and therefore one cannot plan for such visits. However, ED leadership at Miami Valley Hospital recognized that not only is it possible to observe trends in ED visits, it is a necessary component to effectively running an ED.

EM Xpress (Categories: Other ED, Patient Satisfaction)
Valley Hospital Medical Center - An ED "Pit Crew" helps EMS offload patients.

Expanded Emergency Department (Categories: Other ED, Patient Satisfaction)
Kaiser - Sacramento/Roseville-Eureka - Kaiser Foundation Hospital-Eureka needed to expand ED capacity to accomodate the growing patient population. In addition to increasing the physical size, the ED was completely redesigned in an innovative way.

Flow Technicians (Categories: Other ED)
Memorial Hospital of York - Memorial Hospital of York created two ED flow technician positions to handle such tasks as discharge instructions, finding charts and results for physicians, and checking to see that all patients have received the treatments that were ordered for them. (supporting document (PDF))

Online Wait Times (Categories: ED Throughput, Other ED)
Scottsdale Healthcare - Scottsdale Healthcare posts waiting times online to let patients know how long they can expect to wait after arriving at the ED.

Patient Flow Excellence & Accountability Team (Categories: ED Throughput, Other ED, Inpatient Flow)
Mary Washington Hospital - A Patient Flow Excellence & Accountability Team helped Mary Washington Hospital make process changes in order to meet requirements to maintain its status as an accredited institution.

Public Education and Remote Monitoring (Categories: ED Throughput, Other ED)
Lenoir Memorial Hospital - Lenoir Memorial Hospital began an aggressive advertising campaign to encourage individuals to visit their primary care physician for minor illnesses and injuries rather than the ED.

Rapid Evaluation Unit (Categories: ED Throughput, Other ED)
Potomac Hospital - An enhanced triage with a rapid medical evaluation allows patients at Potomac Hospital to begin receiving care sooner than with a traditional triage system, which has helped reduce the hospital's LWBS rate.

Redefining ED Management (Categories: Other ED)
Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Northwestern Memorial Hospital redesigned its ED management in an effort to increase efficiencies and decrease patient wait times.

Six Initiatives (Categories: ED Throughput, Other ED)
Lutheran Medical Center - Lutheran Medical Center implemented six initiatives relating to patient flow and experience in the ED.

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