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Tools: ED Treatment Path

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Tool / Best Practice (Alphabetical order)
Contributing Hospital / Description

30 Minute ER Promise (Categories: ED Throughput, ED Treatment Path, Patient Satisfaction)
Atlantic General Hospital - Staff wanted to improve the time it took for a patient to begin treatment to 30 minutes and created the '30 Minute ER Promise.' It guarantees that a patient will be placed in an exam room or begin to receive treatment, such as pain medication, x-ray, or lab tests, within 30 minutes of arrival at the hospital. (supporting document (PDF))

Care Management Unit (Categories: ED Throughput, ED Treatment Path, Patient Satisfaction)
Grady Health System - A Care Management Unit at Grady Health System treats patients with specific common diagnoses in the ED.

ED Satellite Laboratory Kiosk (Categories: ED Treatment Path)
Massachusetts General Hospital - A dedicated satellite lab within the ED has helped Massachusetts General Hospital decrease patient length of stay in the ED by reducing unnecessary waiting for lab results.

Enhanced Triage Area (Categories: ED Throughput, ED Treatment Path, Patient Satisfaction)
Northwest Community Hospital - Northwest Community Hospital put in place an Advanced Triage Care Area, in which lower-acuity patients would be assessed, treated, and discharged having to wait for an ED bed.

Frontline Physician (Categories: ED Treatment Path)
Methodist Willowbrook Hospital - Looking for a new strategy to help improve patient throughput, ED management at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital decided to redesign the triage process. (supporting document (PDF))

Point-of-Care Testing (Categories: ED Treatment Path)
Mercy Medical Center - Mercy Medical Center in Canton, Ohio implemented point-of-care testing to simplify the lab testing process because the tests can be performed in the ED.

Rapid Medical Examination (Categories: ED Treatment Path)
California Emergency Physicians - Under a RME system, patients are identified who are likely to be discharged quickly. These patients are sent to a separate room for an examination and minor testing, rather than waiting in the waiting room. Once testing is complete, patients are either discharged or returned to the waiting room.

Standard Care Protocols (Categories: ED Treatment Path)
San Antonio Community Hospital - San Antonio Community Hospital wanted to establish standard protocols to begin treatment for specific conditions during long waits in the ED.

Triage Treat and Release (Categories: ED Throughput, ED Treatment Path)
Lutheran Medical Center - Lutheran Medical Center created a Triage Treat and Release unit to care for lower-acuity patients with 25 protocol diagnoses in a designated area. This helped decrease congestion in the main ED area.

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